Making the Switch!

It’s time to make the switch from CD to USB! CD’s have long been the object of distribution for many wedding photographers and portrait photographers alike. I have recently decided to make the switch to USB because it seems to be a much more practical way to get your photographs to you. More and more technology is starting to denounce the conventional CD and put in its place smaller and smaller USB thumb drives. So it seems that this option will be much more portable and sustainable in the long term for all of you! A lot of computers these days and of course tablets don’t even have CD/DVD drives, however all seem to be offering USB functionality in one form or another. So here’s to technological advancements and new gadgets for SBS.

I’ve spent the last week designing and developing the prototype and now I eagerly anticipate delivery on these puppies. As soon as I get them in I will be posting you some offers and goodies and show you how you will be receiving your images in 2014! More to come very soon!

-Salona xx

Screen Shot 2014 01 15 at 3.26.14 pm Making the Switch!

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