project fifty two – #5 Life’s All About Maya

Following the beautiful photographs of baby Maya – here is my latest and greatest visual story of little Maya, three weeks old and ruling her roost. Right now Life’s all about Maya. Maya determines when everyone can eat, sleep, drink, shower, sit, stand and walk and boy does Maya milk it! She has already got so much personality which is incredible for such a small human being. Creatively this visual story was so much fun for me, as you can see Lavania and Kal were so prepared during their pregnancy it gave me a lot of visually entertaining footage. Aside from that it was a great opportunity to showcase their new house which was recently bought in preparation for their new addition. It was also the first time they were captured as a family, in their new roles as parents. Newborns really give you a small window to work with, but Maya just seems to enjoy her camera time making it a joy to photograph and video her interactions and newborn tears, smiles and cries. I particularly enjoy when parents still maintain everyday usual activities – in this particular visual story you can see that Kal’s keen interest in Battlestar Galactica is quite unaffected by the baby in his arms, not to mention Lavania managing to scoff down some food in the background before Maya starts crying for Mummy dearest. It’s still entertaining watching as Maya clearly and confidently asserts her refusal for no more milk. If she could talk I am positive the word she would be saying would be “no” communicated instead by a very strong pursing of her tiny little lips.

I hope you all enjoy this gorgeous newborn visual story.

Big Love,

Salona xx

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